Did it even happen if you didn’t blog about it?

I’m sure my friends and family will vouch I can be bloody awful at keeping in touch for regular updates, so a blog seemed the logical option for a serial adventurer with (as yet) a largely unused English Degree. Plus the other day I wrote a two page complaint letter to Specsavers because I clearly need a creative outlet.

So this is mainly for them. But for those of you who don’t know the backstory, here’s the prologue to the story of a prolonged gap year:

In the concluding weeks of my final year at University I took a gamble and applied for Walt Disney World’s Cultural Representative programme. I was dying for a gap year and wanted to spend some time living stateside. It appeared the perfect combination. After applying late July 2015, going to a pre-screen interview in September, and being waitlisted for a final interview, it was a question of how to fill the time.

I had spent some time contemplating a ski season, and I had just finished working as a children’s drama coach, so becoming an Au Pair seemed the perfect means to an end. But it became so much more than that. Then after attending a final interview for Disney and being accepted with a 7 month wait ahead of me, and having caught the Au Pair bug, it was the perfect way to play out the waiting game.

And there we have it, on to the main story