“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

And on that note, I am off to Paris.

It’s hard to stay still when you have itchy feet. I’m simultaneously waiting for the start of my Disney program and missing being in a country that I have fallen in love with. Here began the brief conflict of to ‘adult’, or not to ‘adult’.

I chose the latter.

It wasn’t a difficult decision really – considered, but not difficult. I could spend the next three months bumming around Essex picking up the few shifts I can here and there just to add a minimal amount to the savings I can already comfortably take to America, or go on a new adventure. It’s not that I have never travelled, I’ve been very lucky, but I’ve never really seen any european cities. So here’s my chance to tick seeing Paris off the bucket list.

I’ve been smart and saved money even whilst Au Pairing. As an Au Pair you might not be raking it in, but you’re not paying out for basic living expenses either. I’ve not scrimped (I’ve very much eaten, drunk, and been merry throughout), but I’ve been economical. So although I might not earn as much as I could in England, I know I won’t be losing money.

Having been stretched by two fantastic european adventures already this year, I couldn’t resist the opportunity that this surplus gap year time presented. After all, come November 2017, who knows what might have come from my year working for the WDC. I don’t want to miss my chance for this carefree little adventure.

So I’ll be hopping on the Megabus on August 1st (what I’m sure will be an experience in itself) and heading to Paris for two months. With the promise of picnics in Versaille castle park and that all important gut feeling, I’ve been lured into living and working in (the extensively google mapped) Chaville. This time someone is mad enough to be  trusting me with two impressionable young people, who are apparently as excited for my arrival as I am.

So here’s to two more months of eating cheese, speaking Franglais, and making memories.



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