Roll titles.

It hasn’t always been my dream to run away to Disney World. I haven’t grown up going to Disney since I was little, and I found only found out about Cultural Representative Program by chance in 2014 while interning for a holiday company at the desk next to a former participant. From there, the idea of applying for the CRP lay dormant in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to summer 2015 and that same mind is now in some form of volcanic implosion. It’s nearing the end of university, that great big beautiful tomorrow* is looming, and all you want to do is curl up into fetal position and go to your happy place. So effectively that’s what aimed to do. I have lots of big vague ambitions (including working for Disney in the future), but with the lack of any immediate grown-up direction, I started my application for the CRP.

I answered the questions focussing on what is unique about me and my experiences that would make me the perfect Cultural Representative.  After a few days mulling it over, I submitted before I could start to overthink my answers (my top tip tips for anyone applying). Only after hitting the submit button did it really hit me how much I wanted  this opportunity, so I attempted the impossible and pushed it to the back of my mind.

The ability to always find something to focus on besides Disney proved an incredibly handy skill considering the waiting game that ensued. After applying I was lucky enough to be selected for a pre-screen interview with Yummy Jobs in September 2015, and then waitlisted for a final interview at Disney HQ in London. This meant waiting til January 2016 to get details of the interview, which was then scheduled for the end of March 2016. On April 1st (poor timing for my weak nerves Disney) I got the acceptance I had been hoping for and spent a good few hours intermittently making odd excited squeals.Sure I would have to wait another 7 months until November 2016 but I could finally announce I was off to work for the mouse.

But the waiting has been far from boring, because that is where the great Au Pair adventure began.




(For those applying in this coming round of applications, good luck and I hope to post some more in depth blogs about the process.)



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