“But you didn’t really live at the top of the Mountain…”

Yes, I really did.

My first Au Pair experience literally did take me to the top of the beautiful Mont Lachat in the Savoie region of France. I lived above a restaurant at the top of the slopes above the little village Crest Voland. To get to and from the apartment you had to go by some combination of Skiddoo, Quad, Chairlift, Skis, or on foot. But I wasn’t completely isolated. Yes, the wi-fi (pronounced wee-fee en Francais) was the speed of internet about 30 years go, but I could still hop in the car and explore different places, go shopping, and go out for a drink.

Granted it was only for three months and perhaps it might have got to me after a while, but for those three months, it was perfect. After the stress of my final year at University and producing and directing a show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I theorised that moving up a mountain could be a fantastic wind-down. And waking up to see the sun washing the mountains in a pink glow each morning was reinvigorating.

I had been thinking about becoming a Seasonaire after having watched friends explore the opportunity, seeing Nat venture off to Au Pair Switzerland, and having some time to kill waiting for Disney, the two ideas fused. But it was more than just a means to an end. Sure it seemed much more appealing than getting up at the crack of dawn for breakfast service and cleaning toilets as a chalet host, but I knew I loved working with children from all the laughs that were had while working at Big Mouth Theatre.

So after trusting my gut and finding a fantastic host family, I hopped on a plane, and a bus, and a quad to find myself at the top of the mountain ready for my first adventure.





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